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NRI Legal Services


Real Estate and Property Law

We simplify property purchases in India for NRIs, handling paperwork, property checks, and legal issues. We ensure a smooth buying process.

  • Power of Attorney at Embassy
  • Sell Your (NRI) Property While Staying Abroad
  • Purchase Property From NRIs Staying Abroad
  • Documents collection from NRI Seller Staying Abroad
  • Property Litigation Support To NRIs

Matrimonial Law

Expert legal services for Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance, Child Custody, and Alimony.

  • Legal Assistance for Marriage
  • Support for Divorce Proceedings
  • Guidance on Maintenance Matters
  • Child Custody Legal Support
  • Expertise in Alimony Cases

Immigration Law

Immigration law governs the rules and regulations for individuals entering, residing in, and obtaining citizenship in a country. It includes visa applications, residency permits, and the naturalization process. This area of law addresses various categories of immigrants, such as family-sponsored, employment-based, refugees, and asylum seekers. Immigration law ensures national security, regulates the flow of people, and protects the rights of immigrants. Legal professionals in this field assist clients with paperwork, compliance, and representation in legal proceedings. Immigration laws vary by country and are subject to change based on political, economic, and social factors.

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